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[25 February 2020 ] INFO *** BISS dan Tandberg Key (real time update)

Clearance Height Calculation

Choose a location for your satellite dish that will have a clear view of the sky today and tomorrow.
With modern calculators, this is easy!! Of course, visual siting is even easier. Remember, satellite signals are microwaves which travel in a straight line along the line of sight from the satellite to your dish. Microwave signals will not pass through wood, brick, metal nor leaves. To receive satellite signals you must have an unobstructed view to each satellite you wish to receive.
  Make a list of each such satellite and its respective azimuth (direction from true north and apply magnetic deviation correction so you can use a compass) and elevation angles. Then use your compass and azimuth measurements to locate a good place for your system; do this by setting your inclinometer on a straight edge (carpenter's level works well) and site along it at the appropriate elevation angle (look angle) for each satellite of interest to be sure your chosen location will clear any obstacle.





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